Jelena Petkovic

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When you come to Mexico, you will see all kinds of colorful objects and tapestries that will surely mark your trip to Mexico. The detailed drawing and colors will attract your attention and you will probably bring a souvenir. Among all the exquisite and colorful arts and crafts of Mexico, the art of the Huichol particularly stood out to me. Every time I look at Huichol art I feel a positive energy of colors, so it just came naturally to me to paint it.

If you explore my website you will notice that exploring religion, different cultures and rituals is one of my passions. Huichol art matches my aesthetic preference, but besides that I took interest in it because from a young age I was interested in shamanism. Huichol art is full of symbols of their culture and shamanistic tradition.

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huile sur toile
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HUICHOL – Jelena Petkovic

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