Jelena Petkovic

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This painting is inspired by Cleopatra, who was a very educated woman that knew medicine and science, but became famous for her affair with Julius Caesar. Here she is surrounded by a papyrus plant, a symbol of wisdom. Her dress is like the waves of the Nile, over her head the sun is shining on her and behind her stands a pyramid. Cleopatra’s face and the texture of her hair are inspired by a statue of her. The vulture crown and the hieroglyphs on her right side, that means CLEOPATRA, are often represented in Egyptian bas-reliefs. In her right hand she is holding an Ankh, symbol of life that is usually in the hand of pharaohs. They may carry it in their hand or hold it up to the nose of the deceased, breathing in eternal life.

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huile sur toile
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CLEOPATRA – Jelena Petkovic

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